GAJA Swim Meet Record Times

Free 50 SCY
Womens  Mens
2010-05-20Kelly A Godleski25.2130-34    
2012-04-07Kelly A Godleski26.9335-39    
2019-02-16Kelly A Godleski26.5740-44    
2011-03-26Kristin A Aziz29.1945-49    
2010-05-20Lynn Beach29.5350-54    
2012-04-26Lynn Beach30.0755-59    

Free 50 LCM
Womens  Mens
2009-06-06Kristin A Aziz35.0840-44    
2010-08-09Kristin A Aziz32.6745-49    
2009-06-06Lynn Beach36.2050-54    
2011-08-03Lynn Beach34.2455-59    

Free 50 SCM
Womens  Mens
2010-12-18Kelly A Godleski29.2830-34    
2005-12-10Maureen M Meador34.0435-39    
2009-12-05Kristin A Aziz32.5640-44    
2010-12-18Kristin A Aziz31.6445-49    
2009-12-05Lynn Beach33.7850-5431.28Thomas B Sealey 2014-01-25
2012-12-15Lynn Beach35.0455-59    

Free 100 SCY
Womens  Mens
2010-05-20Kelly A Godleski55.1830-34    
2012-04-07Kelly A Godleski58.9135-39    
2019-05-05Kelly A Godleski59.8240-44    
2011-03-26Kristin A Aziz1:03.2645-49    
2010-05-20Lynn Beach1:05.2250-5452.70David R Jacobson 2011-02-12
2012-02-11Lynn Beach1:09.7355-59    

Free 100 LCM
Womens  Mens
2009-06-06Kristin A Aziz1:14.7640-44    
2010-08-09Kristin A Aziz1:10.1045-49    
2010-06-05Caroline Gatto1:35.6750-54    

Free 100 SCM
Womens  Mens
2010-12-18Kelly A Godleski1:05.0230-34    
2009-12-05Kristin A Aziz1:12.1340-44    
2010-10-16Kristin A Aziz1:09.6845-49    

Free 200 SCY
Womens  Mens
2010-05-20Kelly A Godleski2:02.9930-34    
2012-04-07Kelly A Godleski2:13.1035-39    
2010-05-20Kristin A Aziz2:10.2440-44    
2011-02-12Kristin A Aziz2:16.3745-49    
2010-05-20Lynn Beach2:28.9050-541:57.25David R Jacobson 2010-02-13
2012-02-11Lynn Beach2:38.6555-59    

Free 200 LCM
Womens  Mens
2009-06-06Kristin A Aziz2:37.9740-44    
2010-08-09Kristin A Aziz2:32.7545-49    
2011-06-04Caroline Gatto3:31.3550-54    

Free 200 SCM
Womens  Mens
2010-12-18Kelly A Godleski2:23.5130-34    
2010-12-18Charlene Wilson2:29.0335-39    
2009-10-30Kristin A Aziz2:34.2940-44    
2010-12-18Kristin A Aziz2:29.9545-49    
2011-11-06Caroline Gatto3:22.8550-54    

Free 500 SCY
Womens  Mens
2010-05-20Kelly A Godleski5:41.4630-34    
2010-03-27Kristin A Aziz5:47.6940-44    
2011-03-26Kristin A Aziz6:04.1545-49    
2010-05-20Lynn Beach6:32.3950-545:18.04David R Jacobson 2010-03-27
2012-02-11Lynn Beach6:55.8855-59    

Free 400 LCM
Womens  Mens
2009-06-06Kristin A Aziz5:33.8540-44    
2010-08-09Kristin A Aziz5:20.8245-49    
   50-545:37.26Thomas B Sealey 2011-08-03

Free 400 SCM
Womens  Mens
2009-10-30Kristin A Aziz5:19.2440-44    
2010-10-16Kristin A Aziz5:14.6745-49    

Free 1000 SCY
Womens  Mens
2010-03-27Kristin A Aziz12:01.7640-44    
2011-03-26Kristin A Aziz12:35.2845-49    
2010-05-20Lynn Beach13:13.0050-5410:59.84David R Jacobson 2010-03-27

Free 800 LCM
Womens  Mens
2011-08-03Kristin A Aziz10:56.4845-49    

Free 800 SCM
Womens  Mens
2009-12-05Kristin A Aziz11:04.0940-44    
2010-12-18Kristin A Aziz10:50.2145-49    
   50-5411:42.66Thomas B Sealey 2014-01-25
2011-11-06Lynn Beach12:41.7155-59    

Free 1650 SCY
Womens  Mens
2010-05-20Kristin A Aziz19:52.0040-44    
2011-02-12Kristin A Aziz20:56.3245-49    
   50-5421:34.83Thomas B Sealey 2011-02-12

Free 1500 LCM
Womens  Mens

Free 1500 SCM
Womens  Mens
2005-12-10Maureen M Meador22:14.7435-39    
2009-10-30Kristin A Aziz20:51.9440-44    
2010-10-16Kristin A Aziz20:42.5145-49    
   50-5422:38.38Thomas B Sealey 2014-12-13

Back 50 SCY
Womens  Mens
2010-03-27Charlene Wilson30.6230-34    
2010-05-20Charlene Wilson30.2035-39    
2007-03-17Kristin A Aziz43.5740-44    
2008-03-15Lynn Beach38.0050-54    
2012-04-26Lynn Beach37.1855-59    

Back 50 LCM
Womens  Mens
2009-06-06Lynn Beach45.4850-54    
2011-08-03Lynn Beach42.7255-59    

Back 50 SCM
Womens  Mens
2009-12-05Kelly A Godleski35.6430-34    
   50-5437.66Thomas B Sealey 2014-01-25
2012-12-15Lynn Beach42.5055-59    

Back 100 SCY
Womens  Mens
2010-03-27Charlene Wilson1:06.1130-34    
2010-05-20Charlene Wilson1:07.2235-39    
2009-03-28Maureen M Meador1:22.1740-44    
2010-02-13Lynn Beach1:21.1750-54    
2012-02-11Lynn Beach1:26.7255-59    

Back 100 LCM
Womens  Mens
2011-08-03Kristin A Aziz1:23.7545-49    

Back 100 SCM
Womens  Mens
2007-12-15Charlene E Wilson1:15.0630-34    
2011-11-06Kristin A Aziz1:22.4245-49    
   50-541:20.60Thomas B Sealey 2014-01-25

Back 200 SCY
Womens  Mens
2010-05-20Kelly A Godleski2:26.1630-34    
2011-03-26Kristin A Aziz2:35.2545-49    
2010-02-13Lynn Beach2:59.7150-54    

Back 200 LCM
Womens  Mens
2011-06-04Kristin A Aziz2:56.5545-49    
   50-542:55.11Thomas B Sealey 2011-08-03

Back 200 SCM
Womens  Mens
2010-12-18Kelly A Godleski2:50.4830-34    
2011-11-06Kristin A Aziz2:54.6345-49    
   50-542:55.24Thomas B Sealey 2014-12-13

Breast 50 SCY
Womens  Mens
2005-09-24Maureen M Meador41.1735-39    
2009-09-26Kristin A Aziz44.3940-44    
2009-09-26Caroline Gatto41.7445-49    
2010-03-27Lynn Beach40.9850-5428.65David R Jacobson 2010-05-20
2012-02-11Lynn Beach40.6555-59    

Breast 50 LCM
Womens  Mens
2007-06-02Caroline Gatto50.4945-49    
2011-06-04Caroline Gatto47.6550-54    
2011-08-03Lynn Beach46.5755-59    

Breast 50 SCM
Womens  Mens
2007-12-15Maureen M Meador45.3535-39    
2009-10-17Caroline Gatto47.4545-49    
2009-12-05Lynn Beach45.2750-5432.08David R Jacobson 2009-12-05
2012-12-15Lynn Beach46.3855-5934.23David R Jacobson 2014-01-25

Breast 100 SCY
Womens  Mens
2007-09-22Charlene E Wilson1:22.1230-34    
2007-04-27Kristin A Aziz1:35.3340-44    
2009-02-14Caroline Gatto1:41.4445-49    
2010-05-20Lynn Beach1:27.9050-541:02.14David R Jacobson 2010-05-20
2012-04-26Lynn Beach1:28.5455-59    

Breast 100 LCM
Womens  Mens
2007-06-02Caroline Gatto1:49.6345-49    
2011-07-23Caroline Gatto1:51.7250-541:16.23David R Jacobson 2011-06-25

Breast 100 SCM
Womens  Mens
2009-10-17Caroline Gatto1:47.9545-49    
2011-10-14Caroline Gatto1:46.0150-541:11.46David R Jacobson 2010-12-18
2012-12-15Lynn Beach1:39.9555-591:16.51David R Jacobson 2014-01-25

Breast 200 SCY
Womens  Mens
2007-04-27Kristin A Aziz3:22.6040-44    
2011-04-14Caroline Gatto3:29.7250-542:18.56David R Jacobson 2010-03-27

Breast 200 LCM
Womens  Mens
2011-07-23Caroline Gatto4:04.6950-542:51.53David R Jacobson 2011-06-04

Breast 200 SCM
Womens  Mens
2011-10-14Caroline Gatto3:56.5350-542:37.91David R Jacobson 2010-12-18

Fly 50 SCY
Womens  Mens
2010-03-27Charlene Wilson28.0330-34    
2010-05-20Charlene Wilson27.2835-39    
2019-02-16Kelly A Godleski31.7740-44    
2007-04-27Caroline Gatto45.7645-49    
2010-02-13Lynn Beach34.7150-5425.93David R Jacobson 2010-02-13

Fly 50 LCM
Womens  Mens
2009-06-06Lynn Beach40.9750-54    

Fly 50 SCM
Womens  Mens
2009-12-05Charlene Wilson31.7930-34    
2010-12-18Charlene Wilson32.3935-39    
2009-12-05Maureen M Meador37.0040-44    
2009-12-05Lynn Beach38.7850-54    

Fly 100 SCY
Womens  Mens
2010-03-27Charlene Wilson1:00.9230-34    
2010-05-20Charlene Wilson59.7035-39    
2010-05-20Maureen M Meador1:13.1240-44    
2009-02-14Lynn Beach1:23.2050-5456.78David R Jacobson 2010-02-13

Fly 100 LCM
Womens  Mens

Fly 100 SCM
Womens  Mens
2009-12-05Charlene Wilson1:11.5330-34    
2010-12-18Charlene Wilson1:12.8735-39    
2009-12-05Maureen M Meador1:24.8040-44    
2009-12-05Lynn Beach1:31.2550-541:07.09David R Jacobson 2009-12-05
   55-591:07.52David R Jacobson 2014-01-25

Fly 200 SCY
Womens  Mens
2010-03-27Charlene Wilson2:17.0630-34    
2010-05-20Charlene Wilson2:14.2135-39    
2010-05-20Maureen M Meador2:48.7540-44    
   50-542:10.99David R Jacobson 2011-04-14

Fly 200 LCM
Womens  Mens

Fly 200 SCM
Womens  Mens
2010-12-18Charlene Wilson2:36.5135-39    
2009-12-05Maureen M Meador3:11.2540-44    

IM 100 SCY
Womens  Mens
2010-03-27Charlene Wilson1:06.6530-34    
2012-04-07Kelly A Godleski1:12.5735-39    
2019-02-16Kelly A Godleski1:11.0840-44    
2007-04-27Caroline Gatto1:33.8345-49    
2008-03-15Lynn Beach1:18.4350-5456.41David R Jacobson 2010-05-20

IM 100 SCM
Womens  Mens
2009-12-05Charlene Wilson1:15.2730-34    
2007-12-15Maureen M Meador1:25.8235-39    
2009-12-05Maureen M Meador1:26.9140-44    
2009-10-17Caroline Gatto1:47.8245-49    
2009-12-05Lynn Beach1:28.3850-541:04.81David R Jacobson 2009-12-05
2011-11-06Lynn Beach1:31.8655-591:06.90David R Jacobson 2014-01-25

IM 200 SCY
Womens  Mens
2010-03-27Charlene Wilson2:23.0330-34    
2010-05-20Charlene Wilson2:21.9135-39    
2010-03-27Kristin A Aziz2:34.1040-44    
2011-03-26Kristin A Aziz2:37.4345-49    
2008-03-15Lynn Beach2:58.0150-542:03.90David R Jacobson 2010-05-20

IM 200 LCM
Womens  Mens
2011-06-04Kristin A Aziz2:58.6545-49    
2011-06-25Caroline Gatto3:53.5650-542:27.20David R Jacobson 2011-06-25

IM 200 SCM
Womens  Mens
2009-12-05Charlene Wilson2:42.3530-34    
2010-12-18Charlene Wilson2:44.1735-39    
2011-11-06Kristin A Aziz3:00.9845-49    
   50-542:20.18David R Jacobson 2010-12-18
   55-592:27.59David R Jacobson 2014-01-25

IM 400 SCY
Womens  Mens
2011-03-26Charlene Wilson5:15.6135-39    
2009-03-28Maureen M Meador5:50.8140-44    
2011-03-26Kristin A Aziz5:38.0345-49    
   50-544:31.59David R Jacobson 2010-05-20

IM 400 LCM
Womens  Mens
2011-08-03Kristin A Aziz6:21.5245-49    
   50-546:20.94Thomas B Sealey 2011-08-03

IM 400 SCM
Womens  Mens
2005-12-10Maureen M Meador6:26.5335-39    
2009-12-05Maureen M Meador6:22.0340-44    
2011-11-06Kristin A Aziz6:22.2145-49    
   50-545:02.97David R Jacobson 2010-12-18


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Charlene E Wilson 48         Kristin A Aziz 153         Thomas B Sealey 21         
David R Jacobson 71         Lynn Beach 92                   
  • 8 swimmers, 529 events, 47 meets.